Friday, March 27, 2009

Graduation...should I or shouldn't I?

So I have this dilemma. Do I keep going on the path that is outlined for me in my major...or deviate and graduate early? I am currently a Family Studies major and there are 4 main blocks. Really only three, but you have to take the prereqs the first block making it four. This semester I altered by block just a bit to be a TA for one of my favorite teachers. Which left me with taking a class this summer to get back on track. Oh and I decided to take a class this semester that I should have taken in the 3rd block...I'm on the 2nd block of classes currently. I have actually found out that there is a chance for me to graduate this December, instead of in May. If I take three online classes this summer, that will only leave me with five classes left. And it is possible to take them all this fall...with a little talking to one of my professors that is. There are two classes that overlap, but one is only on Mondays and you are rarely in the we'll see how my professor takes my idea when I talk to her on Monday.

This picture is of me and Em when I graduated from Utah State in 2006.
Graduating a semester early.
Being able to find a job sooner.
Being done with school! (for now)
Looking for a "real" job.
Going to summer school.
Having a really hard semester this Fall.


A blog post! Ok there are a few reasons why I haven't like 2 weeks.

Numero uno: I have been rather sick the last week and haven't felt like doing anything. Just an amazing case of allergies. I am now on medication to help get rid of it, since the other two I was taking simultaneously weren't strong enough. I have felt so much better today.

B: The internet connection at my house is quite unpredictable lately. It is slower than tar on a cold day. Hopefully it doesn't take me hours just to post this.

III: Ree Drummond has taken over my life. If you just asked who is Ree Drummond, shame on you! ok ok. So I only learned who she was a few day ago, but this astounding woman has captured my attention. She is the author of She lives on a ranch, has 4 punks (all of which she homeschools), is an incredible photographer, and cooks wonderful food. She is constantly keeping up her website and I absolutely love it! I do not understand where she finds the time to accomplish so much. In case you haven't already you should seriously go to her website and check it out. You too can be addicted to this womans life like I am. She has many great pointers on there about photography, home and garden, homeschooling, cooking, and random confessions from her life. I have my boss Melissa to blame for this new found addiction.

I have more things to blog about...but I will save them for later.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 reasons why I can't wait for Summer to be here...

It is Spring Break and what am I doing? Nothing. I get up every morning and paint and then get ready for work, then I go to work, and then come home and read/watch t.v./hang out with the parentals/play on the internet...and now I'm bored. So I decided to think of things that I can't wait to do. Bad idea. Now I'm getting really sick of winter. Here are some of my favorite things to do in the Summer. (in no particular order)

1. Reading outside. I love reading and being outside, so why not mix the two. I just take my favorite blanket and bask in the sun with a good book.
2. Green! I love when everything is pretty and green. Especially great for taking pictures.
3. This summer I will have my very first nephew living with our family. I can't wait to have Gilead Larsen Petty as the newest addition to my family! (Actual picture of him...look at those chubby cheeks!)
4. Wake Boarding!!! Need I say more. (yes, that's me)
5. 4-wheeling up the creek. My family has property up in the wasatch mountains that I love 4-wheeling up to.
6. The warm weather! Ok I only like it when it is warm....I can't stand the heat! 75 degree weather is the best!

7. Hiking! I really want to go hiking down in Zions or Moab this summer. I went on a few trails up Cottonwood Canyon last summer and loved them.
8. I really want to run a 5K. Which is a big thing, because I hate running. I want to enjoy it, but can never get into it.
9. Camping. I miss the good ol' days of college in Logan, where we went camping every Friday night and then I'd get up early on Saturday to drive back down the canyon and go to work...I don't sissy camp either. I prefer to sleep out under the stars, but if it's needed a tent will do. I've even slept outside in a rainstorm.
10. I can't wait for when it's Summer and I'm wishing that Winter would come. I love the thought of Winter and all the fun things to do, just not when it really is Winter and it won't go away. Like right now when I'm wishing it was Summer already!

Any other ideas? Let me know.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Part of my Saturday was spent getting the nursery ready for Emily's baby. Since they are moving in with the parentals for the summer, we figured we needed to have a nursury for the baby (he's due in just a few weeks!) We decided to paint one of the walls a dark blue and the others white. I have only painted the dark blue wall so far.

Repairing the holes in the wall.

Just after putting the primer on.

This is the finished wall...sorry I can't get a picture of the whole wall.