Thursday, April 10, 2008

post mission life - the first week

Day 1 – Thursday, 27 Mar 2008
Woke up at 3:00 a.m. eek! I got to see my family. Everyone was at the airport waiting for me. (Mom, Dad, Emily, Will, Brook, Jeremy and Misty). We went out to breakfast and then home. I hung out with my sisters for a while and then took a much needed nap! We took a family picture since the last one we took was right before I left. And yes I did get released on Thursday. The whole stake presidency was at a scout training camp, but the stake president drove home just to release me…how nice! My stake president believes in doing something else besides having you take off your name tag to release a missionary so he gave me a blessing. In it I was told to continue getting as much education as I could because I needed it to be able to help people in the way Heavenly Father wanted me to…oh great…more stuff to think about.

Day 2 – Friday
Woke up at 7:00 a.m. to go snowboarding!! It was so much fun. Just my sister Brook and I went. It was just like riding a bike. I fell once but that was because I was trying to do something that I wasn’t even able to do before. We only went for half a day…good thing too, I was so tired. But it was fun! As soon as I got home my lil sis Emily said I had a hair appointment with my cousin in a half hour and it took that long just to get there…yep I only lasted 28 hours before chopping my hair. I told my cousin that she had free reign of my hair and could do whatever she wanted. Of course that made her so happy. I went up to the clinic and had another TB test…which is now a requirement for all returned missionaries to get when they get home. We went and rented a few movies from Red Box… No Reservations (it was ok) and Becoming Jane (good, but I hated the ending even though it was the true story of Jane Eyre; I still wanted it to be a happily-ever-after ending).

Day 3 – Saturday
I am adjusting quite nicely…it feels weird to do things, like I’m a horribly apostate missionary and then I keep telling myself that it is ok I am not a missionary anymore. That morning I went and bought a cell phone. Yep it’s pink. I know I know…it was either that or black and I decided I need to try and be a little more girly. I went shopping with Emily and Will later that day. I bought some pants and shirts. I still love Vanity Jeans.

Day 4 – Sunday
This is where I start getting weird. No fan club waiting for me…ok so it is really trippy to go to church and not is a missionary anymore. Since it was 5th Sunday we had combined RS/Priesthood first. They had me come up and bare my testimony before we had a member of the stake presidency talk to us about avoiding pornography. I didn’t wear nylons to church!! Freedom!

Day 5 – Monday
My life is obviously getting boring…the only thing I remember doing this day was going down to Layton with my mom. Oh yeah and I went through a bunch of boxes in my room and got rid of a lot of stuff…especially clothes. My TB test was negative in case you were wondering.

Day 6 – Tuesday
I went up to Logan to stay with my sister until Thursday. We went shopping again for more clothes. I bought new garments and went to Down East Outfitters and bought a bunch of tank tops and other shirts. A bunch of my friends from Logan came over to my sisters house and we hung out for a couple of hours…I got to hold my first baby in 19 months!

Day 7 - Wednesday
I went up to the library to see what it would take for me to enroll in school again and if what I wanted to do was even available at Utah State. It is. I am thinking of getting another bachelor degree, this time in Parks and Recreation with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation. My grades are definitely not good enough to apply to grad school to get a masters degree yet, but maybe one day.