Monday, March 15, 2010

spring is coming.

Sorry for the lack of is chaotic. I really wish school wasn't my top priority right now. It is officially spring break at Weber and I am still doing homework and working...Boo! Good news, I am taking a much needed break and going to Colorado with a few friends for a couple days at the end of this week. Hallelujah! Hopefully I can get all of my assignments that are due when school starts done before I leave.

A couple weeks ago my uncles momma cow (1 out of the 3) had their baby. We decided to take my nephew out to show him the moo's. Since the calf was just born that morning we decided not to get too close so I didn't get any good pictures of the calf. The next day on of the other momma's had her calf. We're still waiting for the last one. Here are some of the pictures that were taken:

This is one of the momma cows that hadn't had her baby yet.

These are my amazing boots in action! Yeah for muddy/manurey puddles to walk through...good thing I had my boots so I could walk anywhere I wanted without the worry of getting all gross.