Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Schuyler Fisk finally has a CD!!

Schuyler Fisk
(pronounced Skyler)

So most of you have probably heard her music around, but not really known who she was. She is also an actress and daughter of Sissy Spacek. I have loved her voice since I first heard it on a movie she starred in called "I'm Reed Fish" and wanted to purchase a CD then, but one didn't exist. I heard her again on a couple of songs from "Penelope" so I bought the soundtrack so I could have some of her music. Last night I found that she now has a CD so I downloaded the album and I am loving it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Funky Camera.

I came across the website while browsing for a new camera neck strap. I absolutely love the neck straps on this site. The woman actually makes all of the neck straps. It is not a commercial company, just her making them individually. When she runs out of a particular fabric pattern she buys another and creates a new design. She has about 20 designs currently. This is a picture of the neck strap that I purchased and I can't wait to get it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The most productive Saturday ever!

Anyone that knows me well knows that this picture explains me perfectly.

So this was my day...

1. Woke up at 9 A.M.
2. 9:15 Mowed my parents lawn and grandpa's lawn.
3. Vacuumed all the bugs out of the windows.
4. Washed all the outside windows at my parents house.
5. Washed 3 cars.
6. Fixed the shelf that fell down in the basement.
7. Took all the screws out of the wall in the room we are fixing. (post to come on this)
8. Talked to my friends and planned my camping/boating trip to Oneida next weekend.
9. Played with my nephew.
10. Packed stuff to go to D.I.
11. Checked online to see when the D.I. donation place closed.
12. Drove to Ogden since the internet said it didn't close until 10 P.M.
13. Found out it had closed at 6 P.M.
14. Drove back home.
15. Taped up the wall board my dad put in the room we are fixing.
16. Did all of my laundry.
17. Put together a jumparoo for my nephew.
18. Did I mention played with my nephew.
19. Stayed in my "pajamas" all day. (t-shirt and capri work out pants that I slept in)
20. Lauged when my mom gave the dog a whole hot dog and he tried to hide it under her pillow.
20. Blogged about my day.

Overall this has been the most productive day this whole summer!

Hopefully tomorrow I can actually catch up on all the blogging I've been meaning to do.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hike 1: Indian Trail.

I have decided that I am going to do something fun and productive on my day off...which is Friday. My co-worker (Jody) and I have decided to go on a hike every Friday. Jody chose the Indian trail up Ogden Canyon for this weeks (actually last week) hike. Definitely would not have been my choice of a first hike, but Jody has gone on many hikes this summer so this is what I had to suffer. I actually enjoyed it though, and very beautiful view!
Winding along the mountainside above the Ogden River, this high country trail rises 1,000 feet in its 4.2 mile length. Indian Trail is so named because the western segment follows an earlier path blazed by Native Americans who wanted to avoid the narrow mouth of Ogden Canyon when the river was high.
(ok, this wasn't really the end of the hike...just my blog post.)
Stay tuned for Hike 2: Skull Crack Trail.