Thursday, May 29, 2008

Up the creek...

Yes I am pronouncing it "crick". Get over it.

So today was one of those days you wish you could just run away for a I did. At 7:30 p.m. I hopped on the 4-wheeler and headed up to the trailers to just take pictures and get away. Nothing like driving really fast around lots of curves and a very bumpy dirt road! Here are a few of the pictures along the way...

The Stop. Look. Listen. sign was put up because of the many accidents caused from going way too fast around the corners and not paying attention. This is the first locked gate...which keeps lots of unnecessary traffic out.

The second and last locked gate is just around the corner on the the road will start to get rocky...up until now you can just drive an ordinary car on the dirt road...the owners of the property through the gate on the right keep the road up.

I have missed coming up here and enjoying the beautiful scenery. This is why I tell people that the Wasatch Mountains are basically my backyard.

Only a few more miles to go... The trailers are probably about 5 miles up Line Creek Rd.

This is looking back towards Morgan...I definitely love being surrounded by mountains.

Yes there is still snow up here...and it's still cold.

There has to be a self portrait...just to prove that I was there.

The site of where the trailers used to be...They would set up camp for hunting season. From what I've heard it was a huge pain when they decided to move the trailers a couple more miles further into the mountains...but I like them better nestled in the mountains closer to the creek and definitely closer to the hunting spots.

Another shot of Morgan...if you look closely you'll see the "M" on the mountain.

When we could see the roof over the trailers we would get so excited...nothing but downhill left.

Every summer we would come and spend a few days hiking and just having fun together. This is where we would hike to..."gang bang" is the place the hunters would all be able to look down and gang up on all the deer/elk. My favorite memory of "gang bang" is hiking up with my family and getting to sit on the edge of the cliffs with my brothers friend Chris...who was just like my brother growing up. I was probably only 10...I have always wondered if my mom knew that we were sitting on the edge or if she thought we had just wandered off like usual.

The watering trough for the horses not our bathing spot...I always thought my mom was crazy because she would bath in the creek...I would rather be all dirty than bath in a freezing creek. Which is strange that I thought that way because we played in the creek enough that we never had to worry about being too dirty anyway.

The outhouse. My dad painted it diarrhea green on purpose... I hated when you needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It used to be so overgrown with ferns and who knows what could have been out there waiting to get you...

The waterfall that you could never get the courage to slide down...luckily there was a trail on the side we would go down and play in the water at the bottom.

If only I could add all the memories from this one little spot... Some of the things I miss the most are the smells and the sounds. Like the rain on the tin roof during a thunder storm. One summer we had to stay a couple extra days because it had rained so much and it was too muddy to get out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The bruise...

So this is the bruise from the stratosphere....
This is a couple of days after it happened.

This is one week after...
When it first happened it would hurt constantly. Now I forget it is even there until someone hits me or I bump it on something. You would be surprised by how many times people hit my leg right there...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Living in Vegas...

So living in vegas was short lived. On Saturday around 10:30 pm we found out that our regional manager wanted us to merge our office with the Salt Lake office. We needed to be there by Tuesday. So now the office is in Salt Lake.
Since this was going to be our last good night in Vegas a bunch of us decided to go and play...and since I still had never been downtown I thought this was a great idea! Stratosphere here we come. We went and rode all the rides on the stratosphere until it closed at 2 am and then went out to eat. Of course we all had steak or prime rib....mmmmm. Nothing like a steak at 3 am. Here are some pictures that Carlos took of our spontaneous adventure...

emily and i on top of the stratosphere.

this is what a sad life looks like.

carlos, me, emily, will, mike, matt and jon.

the strip from on top of the stratosphere.

the "big shot". the best ride on top of the stratosphere. We rode it so many times. To get back on the ride you had to go down a flight of stairs go through the elevator and up another set of of the times we were running through the spinny metal patron counter and i jumped up a bit to go through and the end of the bar nailed me right in the lower quad...ouch. Now i have a giant bruise on my leg. I'll try and get a picture of it up soon.