Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bear Lake Plunge 2009.

For the last 4 years we have gone up to Bear Lake to jump in the water. It is for my friend Juber's birthday. His birthday just happens to be in February and because of this people think we are insane, crazy, dumb....and other things. I participated the first year and then the next two years I was on my mission, so for this time I was really excited to be able to participate. Both times that I have been the lake has not been frozen over. If you know Bear Lake you will know that it does not get deep for a really long time. So in order to plunge...or get wet you have to run through the water for quite a ways. The rules are to get into the water, but not to put your head under. We're not that stupid. So basically we run out far enough that we can bend our knees or just sit down in the water. It is quite refreshing. Here are the pictures!

yep. it was cold.

the group before we jumped in.

me wondering why on earth i do this...

running out into the water...

me coming out of the water...just a bit chilly.

warm towel...

the group after we jumped in.

me and the Joob.

to show that the lake was not frozen all!

drinking hot chocolate...

me and heber. heber took all the pictures so we needed one with him in it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip to Oregon.

Sorry this post has taken forever...I really wanted to put all the pictures up the normal way, but that was taking too long and I really don't have much time these days. So here's a slideshow with some of the pictures from my trip to Oregon.

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